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Company Information

DURO METALL, KNOW-HOW in copper materials

DURO METALL GmbH is a subsidiary of Wieland-Werke AG, Ulm.

The primary role of Duro Metall is the supply of high conductivity copper alloys and refractory metals worldwide.

Elmedur, our registered brand name, is well established worldwide and stands for high quality and reliability. Materials and parts produced in Elmedur are successfully used in the following technologies: Resistance welding, mould making, die casting, electrotechnique and electronic equipment.

Our export department attends to customers around the world directly and through the subsidiaries of the Wieland Groups.

Current metal prices

Officials (Prompt) 08/23/2019
Cu (Settlement) 5,675.00 in USD/t
Zn (Settlement) 2,261.00 in USD/t
EUR (Bid) 1.10280 USD
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